Bespoke Balconies and Feature Canopies

DGScott design, manufacture and install bespoke balconies and feature canopies.

Whatever your next project requires, from the simplest 'Juliette' balcony to a complete individual balcony or anything in between, our team of highly skilled experts can design, manufacture and install to your exact specifications.

We can produce your balcony or feature canopy in a variety of materials. However, DGScott feature canopies made from steel, glass and polycarbonate have become our speciality.

Clients for our balconies and canopies include Argos, the NHS and Derwent Homes, who chose us to work with them because of our expertise.

Our range also includes functional canopies for houses and apartments, which can be designed and built to your specification, or manufactured from your own drawings.

Contact us to find out how DGScott's bespoke balconies and feature canopies can be manufactured and installed to your exact specifications.

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